(image management)

Do you know that people make 11 major judgments/impressions about us in the first 7-10 seconds of meeting us?

Yes, we are constantly judged, consciously or unconsciously.

A smart person, therefore, will ensure that they send out a consistent and well-thought out signal every time, in every meeting and interaction, unfailingly. How can that be done? Well, by first understanding what Image and Impressions you want to project and be known for, then working on creating it and finally, by being consistent in projecting it in all aspects of your life. As Image coaches, we will work with you on the ABC of image building:

  • A for Appearance – how we look
  • B for Behavior – how we act
  • C for Communication – how we interact, verbal and non verba

Once we understand what image exists in our mind, our coach will work with you on providing information on what exists and what needs to be built, grooming you, coaching you on your behavior and communication, till ultimately you are in the image that you for-saw for yourself.

People who have gone through this coaching find that life gets simplified and their goals get much more clear and focused.

Personal Presence coaching is done extensively for the following groups, namely:

  • Homemakers
  • Professionals – men and women
  • Young adults and job seekers
  • Getting marriage ready
  • Taking on leadership roles