Group coaching is, as the name suggests, coaching for a group. Of late, it has become very popular with many organizations and private groups. Group coaching is used in instances where a group has a common requirement, yet wants a more intimate conversation than what a training program can offer.

It is also used in instances where the energies of the group can contribute tremendously in providing value. Unlike personal coaching that is done on a one on one basis and is specific to the person, in group coaching a topic that affects the entire group is taken.

Examples of groups include:

  • Group coaching for specific business owners
  • Group coaching for young executives
  • Group coaching for women leaders
  • Group coaching for home makers

The group is then coached extensively on a selected topic.

The other difference in group coaching is that people in the group learn from each other. They learn from other’s ideas and experiences.

The coach ensures that all members in the group are covered during the coaching. S/he ensures the group finds as much value in the group coaching as they do in one on one coaching.

Some of the topics that can be coached using group coaching are:

  • Personal image building
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills – verbal and written
  • Stress reduction
  • Dreams
  • Relationships and so on

A group coach will ensure the dynamics and energy of the group is leveraged to boost everyone in the group.