About PaarX

PAARX is an organization that offers Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting and Training interventions to its clients that facilitates the growth of an individual and organization.

We are a team of highly experienced and committed coaches, humbly lead by the founder, who carries with him decades of coaching experience, and believe that we can walk you to the Path of your highest expression. We are certified in various behavioral interventions, and hence use triggers to transform thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning, to provide a lasting and sustained change. Life coaching offered by Paarx aims to mold and nurture the minds of individuals and help them establish a firm grip on their life.

Assisting to build entrepreneurs and professionals is a commitment that we take special pride in.

What does it take to make successful people get even better? What does it take to transform lives? To take you to the path of your highest expression, we at Paarx have formulated the best business coaching to assist our clients and help them in their growth. In addition, we understand the pain points of our clients and assist them to achieve their long-term goals in the most efficient manner.

Do you need that someone who is smart, intelligent, a business leader themselves, assisting you to go that extra mile? We at PAARX are adept at all the questions given above.

Leadership coaching is a relationship between a leader (manager/executive) and a coach to help the leader who might be a manager or an executive to enhance the qualities of a leader’s personal as well as professional life. Life coaching offered by Paarx aims at enhancing the leadership skills of a leader in a systematic way.

what we provide

With that in mind, PAARX provides coaching in the following areas

Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching

Financial Coaching

Life Coaching

Personal Branding Coaching

Personal Presence Coaching

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Professional Growth Coaching

Personal Transformation Coaching

The Giant Leap– Youth Coaching

Job Interview Coaching

Transition Coaching

Group Coaching (Corporate or Individual)

Coaching the Coach


Connect people to their inner resources and build a critical mass of outstanding people to lead the Best Life possible! Enable people and organizations to have clear Purpose, Direction and Focus in life, release the power within them, while taking ownership of reaching their path of their highest expression.


We work with a mission of empowering men and women in their pursuits and endeavors, through our innovative and life changing workshops and coaching programs.

To respect, listen, support, encourage, inspire and motivate our Life, Business and Executive clients to excel in all areas.


We do not claim to be perfect yet we strive to live by:

  1. Humanity
  2. Integrity
  3. Generosity
  4. Humor
  5. Flexibility

We at PaarX add values to:

  1. Attain Conversational mastery for persuasion and impact.
  2. Accelerated growth and progress in all areas of your life.
  3. Wisely let go the past and handle criticalities of life.
  4. Be absolutely decisive and clear.
  5. Enhanced competencies to coach and lead anyone.

While we follow our Vision, Mission statements and Values above all, we affirm to:

  • Develop a positive process, tailor-made to suit the agenda and the specific needs of each individual client or organization.
  • Follow a totally holistic process addressing the needs of the person / organization
  • Establish an interactive relationship between coach and client, based on the full commitment of both parties
  • Endeavor to motivate and facilitate clients to achieve their true potential and bring positive change through the setting and achieving of self-defined goals
  • Operate on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful with the ability and the potential to express and define their own solutions
  • Establish a partnership which challenges clients to recognize and build on their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forwards
  • Be an instrument in helping every client to develop a fresh perspective on each situation they are facing supporting them to explore a range of options