Personal Branding Coaching

Every once in a while, we take a look at our career and take stock of what we have achieved and where we have come to in our professional life. We question our growth, our ambitions, our goals and what do we really want from our life.

If we do nothing, this precious moment passes and we lose an opportunity for a giant leap forward in our growth and evolution.

We are asking you to stop and take stock and use this time to reinvent your Professional Brand… Urging you to ask yourself;

  • Am I satisfied with my career growth?
  • Am I creating the right impressions on my colleagues, peers, seniors and customers?
  • Do I get the respect and opportunities that I should be getting for the hard work I put in?
  • Am I seen as the organizations champion?
  • Am I taking my organization and colleagues forward as department, branch, and group or company head?
  • Am I seen as an expert in my domain?
  • What are my three strongest professional traits?
  • What is it that my manager, colleagues, friends, and clients come to me for?

If you are not satisfied with any of your answers for the above questions, then its time you took steps to fix it …for your professional growth and building your Professional Brand.

In Personal Branding coaching, Par X assists you to leverage the brand that is YOU. We will work with you to achieve the following:

  • Understand how you want to be seen and perceived by peers that elevates your success
  • Understanding, Creating and Highlighting your USP
  • Developing you as a domain expert
  • Creating an online persona and using social media to leverage the persona for both professional and personal growth

This is achieved through in depth discussions, asking questions that inspire deep introspection about self and thereby actions.

The tailor-made coaching sessions trigger questions and eventually solutions that are suitable to you for your growth and success. At the end of the intervention, you don’t just know what your brand is, but you also know how to leverage and use it.